Stories from Berlin about men and their beards

Günter: 'Men who think beards are too itchy will find manhood too heavy.'

Nick: 'Don’t go shaving, fellas.'

Levi: 'One can always trust a man with a beard.'

Michael: 'There is always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off.'

Joe: 'I'm not one of those guys who is going to dye his beard. I'm not that vain.'

Moritz: 'Every director I've ever admired has a beard.'

Thomas: 'A beard is your personal exclamation point.'

Paul: 'Every few years, I change my look for the simple reason that I get bored.'

Walter: 'Ideas are born from a beard stroke.'

Donny: 'A decent moustache can intimidate a man.'

Sam: 'Beards are the new six pack.'

Werner: 'What's funny is when you shave a beard, you realize how freezing cold your face is.'

Jörgen: 'I do love a good dark guy. Maybe a beard - some sister scruff?'

Franz: 'The older I get, the more grays are popping out. They're definitely all over my beard.'

Mo: 'There are people who find the giant beard scary and creepy.

Peter: 'To be happy is to have a beard.'

Leroy: 'I don’t like myself without a beard.'

Salim: 'I will never shave off my beard and moustache.'

Richard: 'Some guys wear a suit to look important, I grew a beard.'

Abdoullah: 'Beautiful women have curves and real men have beards.'