Beard oils of Berlin

Every oil has its story
Portrait Mattia Read Mattia's story
Images: Elvin Boer
Mattia's Oil (image bottle)

Mattia's Oil

A warm and sexy oil enriched with Italian Limonene and nourishing vitamin E. Mattia: ‘I love gender fuck: confusing people by appearing tough and masculine and then behaving unexpectedly gently and open. Friendliness is sexy.’

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Portrait Topher Read Topher's story
Images: Elvin Boer
Topher's Oil (image bottle)

Topher’s Oil

An outspoken and loving fragrance. Topher: ‘As a hair stylist I am happy and privileged to encourage people to gaze into the mirror while sharing personal stories and getting them closer to what they love.’

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Portrait Wesley Read Wesley's story
Images: Elvin Boer
Wesley's Oil (image bottle)

Wesley’s Oil

Our favorite! A smooth and warm fragrance enriched with Cocos Nucifera Oil and loads of self-care. Wesley: ‘Over the years, with the love of my friends, I have learned to value the person I am and feel at home in my body.’

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Portrait Hidde Read Hidde's story
Images: Elvin Boer
Hidde's Oil (image bottle)

Hidde’s Oil

Treat your beard to a deep authentic and flamboyant fragrance. Hidde: ‘I’m in my most experimental phase. The combination of so-called feminine elements with my masculine beard makes me feel very attractive.’

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Portrait Gideon Read Gideon's story
Images: Elvin Boer
Berlin Oil (image bottle)

Berlin Oil

Your beard only deserves the very best. This dazzling fragrance full of Patchouli is colorful and extremely seductive. At the same time there’s an element of matureness to it, something that connotes both freedom and vulnerability. It’s the ultimate Berlin beard oil.

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